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Receive a list of tips and techniques to keep your energy refreshed, focused and in present time.  Includes a personal note related to your reading.


ORE READING 30 Minutes $150.00 USD

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Marta Dawn

When Your Personal Energy Is Cleared & Moving
Trust That You Are Leveraging A Good2Go Mindset!

When I’m talking with someone whose Body has felt like it’s been dragging, worried that even with extra rest they’re still tired, recognizing all that coffee isn’t making a dent and I mention their energy – there is often a reaction of rolling eyes, the crooked smile, or the lowered tone of voice that says “are we heading into the land of that woo-woo stuff?”

I’m not sure how woo-woo fits into energy ... though my humor can’t wait to play with the words. 

I have seen first-hand and clients consistently share that when they’re aware and clearing their energy – you experience an ease throughout your day that takes the edge off your stress, engages a more focused mind that is ready to create, maximize time, and recognize options ... including a larger capacity to access a well of resiliency, Who-Knew insights and tangible WooHoo results.  

When you’re not cleansing your energy daily or hope that it will clean out all by itself - you can bet on having accumulating experiences that drag you down, keep you distracted, disconnected, often depressed ... repeatedly asking your Self, “What is wrong with me?”   “Why do I feel so out of it?”  “Why can’t I shake this off?”​

We are trained and programmed as children to take care of the basics for our Body, along with why it is important and beneficial.  You know, basics like brushing teeth, bathing, changing underwear, deodorant, getting dressed, eating certain foods to strengthen our bones, build muscle, etc. until it becomes routine.

We are not trained as kids to take care of our personal energy, knowing what this means, how we benefit or the potential consequences when we ignore doing so.

When children are taught about their personal energy – they are like sponges.  They absorbed the information – the who, what, where, why, when & how’s, own their feeling of empowerment to shake off what was making them sad or helpless and bounce back into a  better feeling of confidence within.  Literally – they take this information and run with it.  In doing so, it becomes second nature to them - natural to take care of their personal energy.  They soon become stronger and resilient with little effort.    

BOTH are equally important ~

Both reflect the respect, value and maintenance of your Body, Spirit and Soul.

If you already know this information because someone in your family was aware and shared or if you’ve learned this information along the path of your Adult – congratulate your Self!  If you don’t have any idea what I’m talking about and feel like you want to pivot and head in another direction ... STOP and take a breath.

There Is Something Here For You!

Step In To Something New  Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Experience An Energy Cleanout Within Your Physical Body

MAINTENANCE In All Its Shapes and Forms Is Key ~
You can brush and floss your teeth everyday with the intention of keeping them healthy.  You will, also, schedule appointments with your Dentist who can provide prevention and intervention treatments to support your efforts.

The Same Is True For Your Personal Energy

Seeking out a trusted individual who has experience in reading, aligning and sharing relevant information will also provide prevention and intervention to keep any stagnant energy within from creating interference with your current well-being, support changes you’re making in the present related to past issues and experience results you want now!

This Is A 360 Self Investment!

Body Spirit Soul


WAY better than caffeine, lasts longer and the refills you give to your Self are free. Feel awake.  Bounce back from dips of energy in your day. Clear out the mind fog at will.  Identify areas in your Body where stagnant energy is causing apathy or bouts of resistance and shift. Feel the benefits when your thoughts and actions are in alignment and working for you.

Exercise a technique to support your best Self, your on-going conscious intentions, and your important relationships – personally & professionally.  Bottom Line ... Feel Better! 

​​​​​​Reading Action Bullets

Receive a list of tips and techniques to keep your energy & focus refreshed and in present time.  Includes a personal note related to your reading.

CAE READING Action Bullets $4.97 USD

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CAE READING 30 Minutes $150.00 USD


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ORE READING Action Bullets $4.97 USD

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Are you attempting to create something new or change an old habit and you keep running into a wall?  Are you at the point where you are completely avoiding the issue, project, person or situation?  Is there old programming or a negative message from years ago that continues to haunt your Self-worth, your Self-image, and interferes with your career and your relationships?   Do you think something is wrong with you because you can’t seem to get past this obstacle?

Find out what is keeping you from moving on and reconnect to your courage, your tenacity, your humor and your BadAss Self.  Once you understand the source of the problem – the solution unfolds.  Let’s get the ball rolling together so you can build the momentum to create the outcome that you desire Right Here Right Now! ​​

Notes & Disclosures:

All payments for an energy reading must be received 24 hours prior to your scheduled session or your appointment will be cancelled.

All cancellations of a scheduled energy reading must be received 24 hours prior to your appointment, by email, or you will not receive a refund.

Alchemy Academy energy readings are not intended and do not replace seeking assistance and advice from medical professionals nor do they diagnose medical conditions.

Alchemy Academy energy readings offer a perspective to be considered in conjunction with traditional and alternative healing options.

The individual, receiving an energy reading, must be 18 years or older and is solely responsible for the payment, as well as, the choices and decisions they make, thereafter.

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