Recognize, Own and Integrate Your BadAss Self

Step Into A Growing Anticipation and Readiness To

Get Your Life Party Started!

Within 8 Weeks Expect To Awaken the Sleeper Within, Appreciate Your Gifts, Engage the Best of Your Self and Confidently Declare:



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BadAss Ready & Resilient​

Topics Include:

  • Personal Healing
  • Authority & Power
  • Insight or Hindsight
  • Daily Integration
  • Empath Qualities & Quicksand
  • Intuition In All Shapes & Forms
  • Energy & Vibration
  • Relationships & Connections
  • Exploration
  • Bounce Back BadAss Resiliency
  • Body & Soul Mates
  • Ask & You Shall Receive
  • Circle of Influence
  • Detach & Release
  • Restoration
  • Resources ​
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We offer 2 annual learning opportunities in the form of courses.  They are fun, thought provoking, useful and often life changing. 

Throughout the year we provide WISE WENCH WEBINARS focusing on topics that are requested by our clients and or in response to relevant issues and energies that are currently taking place.  Sign up for our monthly newsletter to receive our invitations.

Don’t miss the unveiling of our monthly “HIGH 5 VIBE”– a grounded & beneficial space for your Body, Spirit & Soul.

Be a part of this high energy community and simply start feeling better consciously and by choice.  We’ll be using a variety of techniques along with insights to keep your desire & focus on track.  Expect the unexpected!

Each course and webinar creates learning opportunities from a fresh perspective that will support your capacity to create long lasting change, along with leveraging your desired results that continue to work for you.

Expect AHA moments!  It’s all about refocusing and rising to that higher advantageous point where you can see your Self and your life through a clear lens. 

Be ready to explore – our learning opportunities are hands-on. 

Each is a magic carpet ride with a real destination. 

Open doors to your mind, heart, gut, and passions.   Stretch your energetic, physical, mental, emotional, and creative muscles! 

Experience our Webinars & Courses

  • Independently – choose the one that will most benefit you now 
  • Consecutive – building your knowledge, energetic and strategic skills, practical application, play tactics, and wisdom for long term benefits
  • In conjunction with our coaching model for your biggest impact overall
  • If you have questions CONTACT US we have the answers!




Whether you outright own your gift, break it out for special occasions, never let this secret out or tip toe into it with eyes closed and high hopes...

This is your opportunity talk about your intuition – in the open – with others who are practicing, learning and leveraging its influence in all areas of their life.

EVERYONE has intuition!

I refer to intuition as a gift and it is.  Though it’s not a gift for just
special people. 

It’s a gift that’s been given to all of us – most often with little or
no instruction or direction on how it to recognize, use, and own it. 

Your intuition is personal and specific to you!

​It is always beneficial to learn foundational techniques and information that

will give you additional clarity, leverage your ability to translate what you are feeling and looking at, as well as, keep your energy from getting stuck.

Practicing this knowledge & techniques and integrating your own insights & receiving feedback will build your confidence, expertise and broaden your understanding of how onsite intuition adds an invaluable perspective when consciously partnered with strategic thinking, making decisions, taking actions and recognizing alternative options.​

Our 8 Week TeleCourse will intrigue both those who have been using their intuition and those dipping their toes into this new realm of possibilities and support.

Explore and expand your experiences, learn the many faces and shapes of intuition, protect your energy and embrace how it can positively rock your world!

Here’s A Quick Peek Of What Will Leave and What Will Rise:


  • Fears of being wrong, silly, not good enough, making mistakes, asking for help or tapping into the dark side
  • Guessing, self-doubt, self-sabotage, and over-analyzing
  • Old programming & experiences no longer in alignment
  • Unnecessary resistance when you are in a tug-a-war with “Is IT RealIs IT Not
  • Perfection – needing to be right on all the time
  • Solo learning, translating insights, & developing techniques
  • Controlling the process and the outcome


  • Trust in your Self
  • Trust the process of recognizing & receiving your intuition
  • Vibration to be aware, present and aligned
  • Abilities to lean in and ask powerful, poignant questions 
  • Capacity to direct and exercise your intuition
  • Confidence when integrating your intuition
  • Learning with and from others experiences
  • Abilities to decipher and translate your intuitive message
  • Connecting-the-Dots into aligned actions
  • Skills to influence and leverage your desired outcomes
  • Capacity to play with your intuition
  • Additional gifts revealed when practicing your intuition
  • Experiences into Resources
  • Cooperation with your Body-Spirit-Soul as a foundation
  • Protecting your Body & Energy from Inquisitives

Join Us

This is a fun and enlightening experience to give to your Self. 

Realize your brilliance.

Feed your curiosity and fuel your confidence.

Bring your intuitive standout experiences and your questions. 

Be ready to share, expand techniques, gain clarity and play.

You will be placed on our priority list and be the first to receive the heads-up discount, registration, start date, and details for this engaging 2018 - 2019 Intuitive Webinar experience.

In the core of who you are and all that you are ... resides an innate wisdom & knowledge that awaits your permission to support your every action. 

This aspect is often kept completely dormant – or worse yet – used only for special occasions.

This Strong Resource Within Is Your

Brilliant BounceBack BadAss Self

Let Her OUT To Support Your Lead!

You will not be disappointed ≈  

  • She will provide a steady source of energy that commands focus, tenacity, & humor - along with bounce back savvy strategies
  • Exercise cutting edge resiliency - knowing when, why, how & where you’re bouncing back to
  • This part of you is fearless and not attached to past negative programming or old haunting experiences 
  • This part of you does not hesitate to step into unknown territory in order to transform experiences within and outside of you                                          
  • You don’t measure your Self-worth ... YOU OWN IT!
  • Her loyalty to your innate essence and power is invaluable
  • Strengthen your capacity to influence change that matters to you
  • Learn why and how your Body IS your POWER HOUSE
  • Discover and tap into your Reservoir of Resources, Direct your thoughts, align your actions to actualize your needs, wants & desires 
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  • Love, accept and respect your Self from a fresh perspective
  • Leverage your value in relationships, family, career aspirations and where you choose to invest your Self
  • Fire up your happy dance and passions to actually align with and experience more of the life you want Engage decisions, actions, failures and successes will give you that enviable glow!
  • Exquisitely orchestrate your feminine and masculine energy
  • MasterHARD’ ... love hard, laugh hard, work hard, play hard and learn from mistakes hardly looking back

Expand Your Knowledge

Hone Your Skills

Create New Possibilities​

Bring your lunch, find a quiet spot and join our monthly gatherings which feature 

Everyday Experiences

In the Body  In the Know    Lovin’ Life

With our Body    Spirit    Soul

All presentations are based on requests from our Wise Wench community, what’s trending now and age-old techniques. Energetics for everyday life, boosting vibrations, hot topics, feminine presence and feeling better & better.

Our Gatherings are

  • Featured as webinars, conference calls and podcasting
  • Spotlight special guests
  • 60 minutes in length
  • Interactive for 15 - 30 minutes depending on the topic 

Do you have a situation that could use insight and or coaching?
SUBMIT your question to wisewench@alchemyacademy.com.                                                       

and we’ll weave it into our upcoming gatherings.

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