Our Trilogy


We’ve Been Told For WAY Too Long

Who We’re Supposed To Be – How We’re Supposed To Be

My Feminine Essence, Manifestation, and Influence

Is Not a Knock Off of Those Expectations

I Have Stepped Up & Rolled Out My Blueprint

My True Self Is No Longer Sitting On A Shelf

Anticipating My Return




MY Body – Spirit – Soul

Are Sacred Resources To Source

MY Passion – Awareness – Presence

A Powerful Force To Be Reckoned With!



How do I tap into this power and align these resources with my decision
to end mindless drifting through my life, release~ what was ~for good and

begin to consciously direct my thoughts, intuition, actions and energy

in order to realize & actualize my vital needs and most valued experiences,

relationships and creations – starting with my Self?

Alchemist Creed























≈ When I met Marta I wasn’t present in my Life and I was very unclear on the impact of my actions and behaviors.  I was married and had a young child but I really didn’t know how I got to where I was and where I was going in my life.  I was unconscious and walking around in my life like a zombie.  I did not know my Self nor did I know to love and respect my Self.

I was never skeptical of Marta’s abilities – the day I met her I could feel that I was getting ready to embark upon a long journey and I accepted that with open arms.  Because of the work
done and the support and partnership I have with Marta, I now know my Self.  I understand what I came from and how I got here.  I understand my Life and how it shaped and formed me.  But working with Marta, I have been provided tools to help me shape and form how I want my Life to be.

So far in my journey, there have been many ups and downs and it’s all still work in progress.  Learning how to nurture and protect my inner Self has been an unexpected benefit of my work with Marta.  I have gained the ability (or skill) to remain conscious and aware and am very careful of my actions and behaviors.  Because of this, I feel my power, confidence, and strength.  These are great benefits…but there is so much more.  My biggest success is my ability to be true to my Self in my relationships with others.  I truly love my Self, respect my Self.  It has been a great journey but it’s far from over – it’s a lifetime journey!


≈ I started working with Marta at a time in my life when I realized that my life wasn't what I wanted it to be. I wasn't feeling grounded or successful and more importantly, I wasn't feeling like me, or even knowing who "me" was. I wasn't feeling. I knew I was supposed to be more or different but couldn't get to a place that felt like me. 

I've experienced abuse, loss, and betrayal in my life and yet I innately knew that there was something more for me. Those experiences pushed me further and further out of my body and away from me and yet I believed I could heal and move forward and experience an amazing life.

I believe our paths cross with others for a reason. When I met Marta I felt a shift and felt as though I could really re-align my life back to me. That was the reason our paths crossed. The partnership I have with Marta is trusting, loving and supportive. I truly believe that her model helped me align me to me. When I call our relationship a "partnership", I purposefully use that word, as we both have a part to play on this journey. We are truly both invested. 

Healing and working on yourself is scary and challenging and yet I always knew I am where I am supposed to be. Today I actively live in my body and feel true feelings and experience life's journey. Bumps in the road, and all. That empty lost feeling of not knowing me is gone and replaced with a knowing that I am and continue to become more of me. 

Thank you, Marta, for your love and partnership. I do not have the life I have today, without you, your model, and your support. 

Diane S.


 ≈ When I was a child, others told me my friend was imaginary, and that I should send her away so I wouldn’t be locked away as crazy when I started school.  She wasn’t imaginary.  She was the source of the only fun I had.  She liked to sing, dance, color, play, be silly, giggle and laugh, skip, jump, and was great at climbing trees. Since I was totally serious and felt completely responsible for holding my family together, she was my joy.  Her name was Elizabeth, named I thought, for my favorite aunt, and she was real to me until my father sat on her, and killed her.

It was thirty-five years later during a grief and loss workshop until I saw her again.  She wasn’t dead, and she was wearing my favorite childhood hat.  I could not stop crying when I saw her, and she was just as real as she ever had been. 

There were many teachers and guides for me along the way, and I am grateful to each and every one of them.  Marta Dawn Peterson is high on the list of people who helped me learn Elizabeth was a part of me who could not survive in my home atmosphere so she went into hibernation.

It took me years of work with tools from Marta, and others, to finally accept Elizabeth actually was and is a part of me.  Integration became the goal, and that wasn’t easy for this responsible one.

Life circumstances changed drastically in 2014, including the death of my husband.  For the first time, I felt completely free, and Elizabeth kept telling me to DO something fun.

The adventure began when I sold my house and possessions in order to be able to travel.  The first and current stop is Ireland, and on Wednesday, it continues to France.  There is no itinerary or agenda other than to be and do what brings joy and peace.

Elizabeth is a wonderful spirit, and believe it or not, it took me a very long time to realize she had not been named after my favorite aunt.

With gratitude to Marta for all her “nummy” help and wishes for blessings to all on their integration journey, I am finally becoming my name.

Kathleen Elizabeth


 ≈ "I started meeting with Marta years ago, as I was looking for a way that I could create changes within me. The goal was to find peace, strength, and happiness -- and this and more is what I've found by using the tools she has empowered me with. She's fantastic to partner with on life's journey.

Meeting with Marta on a consistent basis has helped me to clear the clutter so to speak of my life and has helped pave the way to having a very successful career and successful relationships in and outside of my career.

Marta has a unique way of facilitating assistance to others. It’s tailor made in a sense to each individual and in affinity with the goals each person has.

I have found alignment and balance within my emotional and mental bodies especially through the insights and guidance she has provided. I cannot refer her enough to others!"

Jeanne Marie Corsick

 ≈”In my time with Marta, I opened up my heart and passion for sharing my voice, in all of my interactions. Before I could share my voice with the world, I needed to learn to hear my inner voice, and align with my inner self and then the outside world. To do that, I needed to feel safe, inside and outside of my body. My pain was hidden so deeply that I didn't even know it was there.

 Working with Marta, I gained skills to become aware of emotional triggers, work on them, respond and ask for help. I acknowledge and embrace all parts of my life, and my inner child is safe now. I can respond to unexpected confrontation without losing my voice and shut down. I can now express my opinions, even if they differ from others'. I can discuss challenging issues rather than choose silence as a protective reaction. I nurture myself now, and also know resources to get through ups and downs, unexpected challenges and more. My family, friendships, and new interactions are more transparent and authentic and are two-way relationships. I have gentle confidence and have let go of the past.

I now share my passion for improving the world, in my personal and my professional environments. The ultimate growth level so far was when I sang a song at work, in front of my Board of Directors, Staff, Donors, Volunteers and Clients. I allowed myself to be aligned to use my voice and passion and sing for a cause that I believe in...and stand for...and work for...ending homelessness. I have sung a cappella in front of strangers, have auditioned twice for singing, been in one amateur short film, and sung to large and small live audiences.

The world has so much to offer by way of learning...learning by succeeding and learning by failing. I'm not afraid of either, especially when I stay conscious and pay attention to how I think of myself--do I have negative self-talk, or do I support myself? I now give and receive unconditional love to myself. In fact, I have unconditional love for everyone. It is easier to love than to fear, and it is easier to have unconditional love than to have fear or harness judgment. This is what I offer in return, as well as actions to improve our physical and spiritual world.

I have allowed myself to give and receive love, and to let go with dignity when a relationship is no longer a good fit. I want to fall in love again, and I have more clarity on what I want. My lifelong partner will come along, and I will be ready whenever that time comes.

Without Marta's coaching strategies, I may not have achieved this level of personal growth. I continue to grow and allow myself to be vulnerable, grounded and ready for more opportunities, easy or challenging, chosen or involuntary. If you have chosen to read this far, I thank you for your time to read my testimonial. Marta's model is practical, relevant and easy to understand. What I learn each step along the way builds upon previous steps. I am committed to improving myself and quality of life, and Marta is there as my coach. I wish this for you, too. OUR world is a better place when we can heal and grow.

The most difficult discussions I have ever had have been with Marta. She helped me prepare for the forward steps I wanted to take, and helped me to discover new paths. I love discovery, and that's exactly what I've enjoyed with Marta. My history -- my time now -- my future, are all integrated. I am in the now, not living in the past, and not living only for the future.

Here's to my current story...! I can sing a song with emotion, and make it my own...and when I make a mistake, I make it part of the song. My life, my song, my voice. My cause, my passion, my voice. My family, my community, my world. I feel integrated, healed, and have experienced the ultimate inner growth and alignment...and my dreams now intertwine all segments of my life”.

 Kimberly Ferm

Marta Dawn


Game Changer COACHING

Resiliency - Restoration - Recognition

Mistress de Alchemy

      About Us

I’ve been there – You’ve been there when life steps in and has its way of letting us know that we’re off track.  Sometimes it’s subtle and feels like a nudge offering opportunities to course correct.  When the nudges are ignored - it can feel like a train wreck when it comes back around and stops you in your tracks.  Either way, it’s simply a wakeup call to pay attention to you.  A heads-up that you’re moving in the wrong direction, overprotecting your current position or stuck and not moving at all.  Whatever is going on - it is working against you and the call for change is here.  

Something has been left unattended for way too long and has created a hole in your self-confidence, your passion, your Self-reflection that is allowing energy to drain out of your Body that even a good night’s rest doesn’t restore. 

So how do you slow your Self down, make time, get onboard with a compelling reason to create this shift, invest in your Self, as well as, muster up the new mental, emotional & energetic muscles to get this party going?  

Remember that all is not lost and you’re not lost.  Remind your Self what has worked for you, the value you bring to the table when you’re at your best; look for past results and successes when all of the parts of you are working together as a whole and then intentionally access these 2 invaluable resources...

Alchemy isn’t the only tool and philosophy to create change ... though it is an exceptional tool to understand and create a specific transformation with built in longevity for your Self.  Resiliency is your key to access your innate strengths, wisdom and tenacity to take that next step come hell or high water. Knowing where and how to bounce back is life changing.

Over the past 20 years, Alchemy provided a sound foundation for my Self and then became a cornerstone for Alchemy Academy and those who wanted to know, own and leverage their ongoing Self-worth and the benefits of a long lasting change. 

Consciously engaging alchemy has and continues to be a systematic & energetic process that I have witnessed, experienced and shared that offers a sound structure, an ancient wisdom, a timeless impact and personalized approach to leverage the change you seek into a new reality, in a tangible way for everyday people reconnecting and rediscovering the weight of their worth and their innate value they bring into this lifetime.

Your Body, Spirit & Soul are alchemy awaiting direction, attention and purpose.   You simply need to awaken, remember and apply.

Alchemy is my craft.  Sharing alchemy with you is my passion. 

Being a curious & consummate student has complemented my 29 years of Hypnotherapy, 27 years of Professional Coaching and a lifetime of honing & honoring my Empathic, Clairvoyant, Claircognizance, and Clairsentience gifts.  The icing on the cake has been the influence of my life experiences, as well as, the many clients who have been teachers in their own way - on their own journeys.  Alchemy has brought all these pieces together which continues to expand what is offered to you.

My expertise is assisting you to recognize and assimilate components of a situation or issue without judgment.  To then translate this information into thought provoking words, aligned actions and updated beliefs that directly impact your progress, healing and transcending the ‘what is’ into a new advantageous experience that works for you. 

This alone will increase the longevity & personal investment of how you choose to integrate your understanding, options and resources into a desired outcome for your Self and your life.  Add in a refreshed perspective, an innovative approach and restored energy ... you now have a BadAss Bounce Back confidence rising up, taking the lead and moving you forward. 

Alchemy Does Not Perfect
Alchemy Transforms
Resiliency Gives You Reason To Rise

I developed our premiere leadership coaching model “321 Strategies”, based on the proprietary & signature ‘ALCHEMY of NAOI’ (uh-NEE).  I founded Alchemy Academy in 2000 – giving you access to alchemy within our original coaching model – along with supportive programs, workshops and gatherings that we offer.

There is nothing better than feeling at home in your Body and feeling good being YOU.  Alchemy Academy has become a resource and safe space to remember, resurrect & enjoy exercising the creative force within you.

Never Too Late, Too Young or Too Old
To Restore & Energize Your Body, Spirit & Soul


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Alchemy Academy has grown in leaps and bounds since the beginning – continuing to expand in new directions – responding to our clients’ needs and requests, stirring our creativity, challenging our technical aptitude, expanding professional & personal comfort zones and allowing us to actualize our passions into form. 
We have been and continue to be grateful to all the adventurous individuals who took a leap of faith when they agreed to practice and integrate a program and philosophy into their lives that may not have been as familiar as other modalities of creating change and feeling better. 

Their experienced insights, successes, referrals, challenges and long-term feedback have directly influenced the quality of services that we offer to you today.

Whether we met in your workplace, online or partnered 1on1 to enhance your Self or your family ... your courage has not gone unnoticed. 

Our shared success is rooted in the belief that being awake & aware is always a plus and that reconnecting to your innate value has an immeasurable impact in your life and what can be transformed.

We hold each other to a high standard and we all continue to reap the benefits. 

Alchemy Academy consciously continues to expand our own presence as a dedicated resource to those who are stepping out from what was into I AM NOW.

Our Vision:  Establish, engage, contribute & support domestic and global communities of women who are passionately committed to creating a personal tsunami of physical, energetic and spiritual influence within their Self, families, communities and future generations.

Our Mission:  Provide an environment and experience for individuals to connect-the-dots that breakdown self-limiting beliefs and leverage feeling good naturally into an art form, a presence and an everyday occurrence.

Our Philosophy:  "Everything You Need Is Already In You" and when given an opportunity & environment that is safe, relevant, enticing & supported – you will rise to the occasion, wake up from a past-influenced emotional coma, and naturally find your boldness to step up, speak out and transform your BadAss leader within.

Thank You to all the companies, non-profits and groups who continue to open their doors and to the individuals of all backgrounds, traditions and cultures – including the growing number of Empaths, of all ages, stepping out into the open.

Here’s To Prosperity in all its shapes & forms, Leaps of Faith, More Smiles, Unexpected Opportunities, and Feeling Good ... may we all continue to willingly take the lead, respect each other’s journey and consciously appreciate this Life that we’ve been given.