RISE UP To Meet Your Presence & Future

☼ Do you have questions, in general, about coaching?

☼ Do you have questions whether coaching is a ‘good fit’ to enhance your relationship with your Self, where you’re at, and what you want to experience?

☼ Are you ready now?


Stand Confidently On The Foundation Of Your Power House

Align With The Best of Your Self

Throw Out Emotional Clutter

Own Your Assets

Strengthen Your Resolve & Renovate

Rediscover & Engage Your Intuitive Gifts

Declare Your Independence from What Was

Tap Into Your Reservoir of Resources & Resiliency

Love, Play and Create Like There’s No Tomorrow

There is nothing worse than having a situation, a word, or painful experiences from your past still haunting you now!

Logic won’t exorcise this harbinger of old messages that keeps you in a rut, in fear, disconnected or in resistance.

The judgments you make from these experiences interfere, breakdown and often destroy the original, naturally aligned and trusting relationship with your Self.  

If you’re experiencing a need to 

  • declutter that old closet where who knows what – lies within
  • sort out past issues unexpectedly popping up in the present
  • remove the resistance that’s devouring all your energy   
  • renew your Spirit
  • reclaim your value
  • step into your awareness and confidence
  • ask for assistance or a supportive nudge in a better direction 

WELCOME to the possibilities, realities and opportunities that you’ll experience learning, using and leveraging 321 Strategies!

This is our original and signature coaching model and the foundation of Alchemy Academy.

Our clients  have definitely had put it to the test over the past 16 years and created innovative and long lasting successes using this program! 

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​Signature & Original Coaching Model

321 Strategies

I’m looking forward to getting to know you, what you want, sharing information and supporting your journey!

Marta Dawn

This life begins and ends with You ≈

The relationship you are having with your Self is invaluable.

It influences everything within and around you.  The more you understand, trust and value all of who you are – the more you can create what you want to experience and confidently contribute to those you love and what you’re passionate about.

If this relationship is feeling stressed or stretched and you could use a hello, healing, alignment or restoration – remember, it’s never too late & you’re never too old to make a decision to invest in your Self to regain perspective, find your balance and own your authority – your innate wisdom. 

 You Deserve This Experience!

Here are a few highlights and insights:

  • Remember your value – it’s good to go
  • Discover your BadAss Self and what she brings to the party
  • Your power is realized when IN the Body & IN the Lead
  • Stop Waiting - You have everything you need to succeed
  • Know why and how you choose your relationships
  • Shift your current tactics to motivate and engage your Self
  • You always have options, resources, synchronicity & magic
  • Leverage your learned experiences so they work for you
  • This is not a cookie-cutter approach to change ... it’s personal 
  • Know your energy, gifts & vows to engage a new outcome
  • Benefit when your Body, Spirit & Soul collaborate
  • Strengthen your Resolve ≈ Release your Resistance
  • Exorcise painful programming attached to current habits
  • Exercise your freedom
  • There is beauty in every Body
  • How past imprints can blur your vision of self-worth
  • Own the essence of your presence
  • Fearless moments strengthen your heart and change your mind
  • Understand how your parts are vital to your whole experience
  • You Are the Plan ≈ You Belong Here ≈ Be Visible!

321 Strategies has been specifically and energetically crafted to create a solid foundation that supports a relationship between your Self and your desired life experiences.

321 Strategies was created for YOU 

What you learn and experience can be integrated and leveraged into any area
of your life that you’d like to change or upgrade. 

This is where you get to know all of you in the most intimate, extraordinary
​and powerful way.

This process welcomes you into the home within your Self.

It nurtures, nudges and naturally gives you neutral space to explore.