One Clear Decision To Invest In Your Self

Sometimes your next best step is a leap of faith into your own resiliency to bounce back & land on your feet ... realizing you’re no longer going to settle for anything that doesn’t feel right or right aligned with you anymore.

Our services  are designed to support your insights, intuition, new thoughts and actions.

Expect to tap into your collective Body Spirit Soul Resource as a force to be reckoned with!                                                            

Benefit from 26 years of coaching experience.

Contact us  ... your questions will jump start your quest to feel better.

Make your decision to start now!

Alchemy Academy is dedicated to all of you who are ready to step into your Sweet Spot of Power.

Marta Dawn


Game Changer COACHING

Resiliency - Restoration - Recognition

Mistress de Alchemy

You Found Your Way Here WELCOME!  

Leverage Your Personal Assets
​Into Renewed Value, Work, Love and Play


Find Out How You Will Benefit From Our Partnership!

If you have been working on creating change for your Self, 

have hit a challenging plateau, need to tweak your

energy & focus using a couple of new precision tools and skills

to get your momentum back up to speed – you are definitely

in the right place!

If you’re needing to create change now, not sure where to begin,
worried that past efforts haven’t worked or that you don’t have
enough confidence to stay on track and could use a helping hand
to get your butt and buts’ out of that old rut you’ve been in –
you are absolutely in the right place!

Discover The Promise You Made To Your Self
And Kick The Rest Of The Crapola To The Curb

This is where you get down to IT

and finally learn how to master the removal of internal and external

clutter & obstacles that have been literally holding you back from

the promise you made to your Self.

This is where you find the clarity of IT

and deliberately use personal imprints, strategies and energetics to

skillfully move your intentions,
intuition and efforts into direct motion to naturally create your most desired outcomes -
giving your BounceBack BadAss confidence full permission to lead your life aligned with your promise.

Take your time and peruse our site​. See what intrigues you and what aligns with your needs and desires right now.

Sometimes it’s good to know that you’re not the only one going through
a transition ... with no shame, no blame, and plenty of hidden opportunities. 
Here’s a quick peek into our client’s needs when they decided to partner
​with me:

 “AGAIN ... REALLY!  I’m dealing with this freakin` issue again. I feel out of
it and depressed. Then I get self-critical and start doubting my Self. 
I’ve taken classes, read books, practiced new techniques and it still
returns to nag at me from the inside out - eating away at my confidence,
self-worth and energy. These old thoughts aren’t even logical – all that
happened so long ago. I’m smart and I’ve accomplished a lot -
why is it that I just can’t let it go and find peace?”  

(Alexa M - client)                                                                                                

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If you can relate or

  • if you’re feeling overwhelmed and seem to be losing your Self in your relationship or in all your responsibilities
  • if you feel it’s just too risky or too late to change up parts of who you are or how you always do things especially when family, friends and co-workers want you and how it is to stay the same
  • if you’re just plain exhausted feeling stuck in that rut
  • if you’re bullying your Self thinking that hand-me-down tactic will get you moving
  • if you’ve recently experienced a dramatic or unexpected change in your circumstances that brought you to your knees  

In some shape or form we’ve all been where you stand now. 

A partnership can add the extra strength you need to get back up.

Together we’ll shake out the truths, illusions, perfection, fears and undervalued brilliance. 

You’ll rediscover your will and freedom to express your unique feminine presence.  

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